NEW! Custom Hospitality Desk!


Ready to take your hospitality desk to another level?!  Add the customize hospitality desk with your group’s logo. This hospitality desk has a top-finished semi-gloss surface by light stain and hand oiled surface enhancing the beautiful grains of the wood surface.  A smashing hit for our clients!

Maverick Helicopters: Now Departing from Kahului, Maui

maverickMaverick Helicopters ECO-Star has been flying high above the Grand Canyon and over the Las Vegas Strip since 1995 offering highest level of safety and service.

Great News! it’s now departing from Kahului and flying above the island of Maui and Molokai.  This ECO-Star aircraft features: personal surround-stereo headsets with voice activated microphones, wraparound glass for outstanding visibility, front-facing, and spacious interior with leather seats.

  Maverick offers three different tours: Maui Spirit, Maui Dreams, and Molokai Voyage. Take the  Maui Spirit tour for an Eastern island journey soaring above Haleakala Crater, Hana’s Rainforest and coastline or take the Maui Dream tour, a full excursion of what the island has to offer. For a two-island helicopter experience, take the Molokai Voyage tour. You will fly over West Maui and Molokai’s waterfalls, Valleys, and fish ponds.

Maui Ocean Center: NEW! Round-trip Shuttle

Maui Ocean Center busMaui Ocean Center, is the Aquarium where you want to be!  Come  see  all the animals that are found only in Hawaiian waters, with approximately 25% being endemic, you can’t see them anywhere in the world! And it doesn’t get better than this, Maui Ocean Center just made it more convenient for visitors to explore the Hawaiian Aquarium.   They are now offering round-trip shuttle rides from select South and West Maui hotels and condos.  Shuttle transportation is an add-on feature that must be purchased with a general admission Day Journey Pass for $5.00 more.  It runs twice a day. Visitors will not only enjoy a comfortable ride but also stunning views of Maui, heading to/from the Maui Ocean Center.  The adventure starts once you board the shuttle- An adventure you don’t want to miss!

Maui Ocean Center Opens Daily: 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Maui Ocean Center Transportation South & West Side ( Timing may subject to change):

1st Pick-up timings: 8:45 am- 9:20 am /Returning Time: 1:00 pm

2nd Pick-up timings: 11:00 am-11:35 am/Returning Time: 3:00 pm

*Note: Various Stops (hotels and condos)

maui ocean center


Blue ‘Aina Reef Cleanup
Blue ‘Aina Reef Cleanup

Congratulations to the Hawaii Ecotourism Association, recipient of the monetary donation. We were excited to partner with Trilogy & The Surfrider Foundation in their objective to cleanup and maintain Maui’s reefs and raise money for non-profits. The Blue’aina Reef Cleanup was a wonderful way for Chrysalis Events Hawaii to give back to our community.

Hawaiian Expressions by Auli’i

Iune (June) Word of the Month: “Ho’omaika’i”

For the word of the month, I’ve chosen Ho’omaika’i; appreciation, . With appreciation, it can make a day or even change a life! As our value of guidance, ho’omaika’i teaches us that our purpose in life is to ‘imi ola, to seek life at its highest possible form. In order to do so, having appreciation is one of the many key factors to being successful in life. Being aware of your countless blessings and  being grateful for them can have such a huge impact on the quality of your life. Take the time to appreciate your surroundings and all that you do!

Hawaiian Expressions by Auli’i

Nowempa (November) Word of the Month: “Mahalo”
Mahalo expresses gratitude and is used to say thank you. As a value, mahalo includes thankfulness and appreciation, a way of living. I’ve also learnt a deeper layer to the meaning of Mahalo.  

Ma – at, in, on, beside
Ha – life, breath
Alo – sharing in the presence
“In the presence of the divine”
As you go through your day, speak of your appreciation often and give thanks for what you have. Happy Holidays!

Hawaiian Epressions by Auli’i

‘Okakopa (October) Word of the Month: Lānui

Besides recognizing U.S. National lānui, meaning holidays, I would like to share a few we celebrate in the islands.

Here in Hawai’i, we observe three unique lānui, holiday’s, connected to the Hawaiian Culture. Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day, commonly referred to as “Kuhio Day” is a holiday which was established in the late 1940’s. This holiday honors Prince Kuhio’s birthday. King Kamehameha I Day, also known as “Kamehameha Day”, took establishment back in the 1870’s in honor of King Kamehameha the First. It is the only holiday that was established by royal proclamation that is officially observed by the state of Hawai’i. Lastly, we have Admissions Day or “Statehood Day”. This holiday is observed every third Friday in ‘Aukake, August, to celebrate Hawai’i becoming the 50th state of America.

Hau’oli Lānui!
(Happy Holiday’s)

Hawaiian Expressions by Auli’i

Kepakemapa (September) Word of the Month: “Ha’aha’a”

Be humble, be modest, and open to your thoughts. Ha’aha’a, meaning humble, is the value of humility. Humility teaches us to groom our own character in respect for others. Practicing ha’aha’a, we want to be open-minded; for that is how we will open up our own palena ‘ole, unsurpassed knowledge, for greater learning abundance. Happily embrace your blunders, mistakes, and missteps. Within our acceptance, we can’t worry about what distresses us. We hō’imi,  seek for better and for the best.

Hawaiian Expressions by Auli’i

‘Aukake (August) ‘Ōlelo No’eau “Wise Proverb”

Kūlia i ka nu’u 
“Strive to reach the summit”

Pursuing personal excellence in all you do is a great value of achievement. Our purpose in life is to seek its highest form. With achievement, it builds our character and motivates us to succeed. Being a competitive hula dancer, I’ve learned to ho’omau, meaning to persist, never give up. It has taught me the value of perseverance whether I have succeeded or not. My humbling experiences gave me an opportunity to learn and grow as an individual.

As you go through your day, define what achievement is for you, and strive for the highest summit there is!

Hawaiian Expressions by Auli’i

‘A’ohe hana nui ke alu ‘ia
“No task is too big when shared by all”

This ‘Ōlelo No’eau can apply to us in many ways such as work, sports, school, and even at home. It reminds me of team work and the idea of laulima, which translates to “cooperation”. Laulima literally means “many hands”. When there are many hands working together in harmony and unity, any task becomes much easier.  When facing a challenge that is too big to handle on your own, consider including others to help you lighten the load.

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