Our Mission

Chrysalis Events Hawaii believes that in order to provide the highest level of service,
while being the most efficient and cost-effective, our ‘sales’, ‘business development’,
and ‘operations’ must work as a cohesive team during all stages of program planning
and execution. We strongly believe this strategy delivers success and ensures that all
program attendees have a fantastic Hawaii experience!

Vision & Our Island Spirit

“If you want to plan for one year, plant kalo (taro). If you want to plan for 10 years, plant koa. If you want to plan for 100 years, teach the children.”

This Island saying embodies the foundation that Chrysalis Events Hawaii, your DMC Hawaii, was built upon. We believe that to create a stable and sustaining business, great efforts must be put into teaching the generations. This teaching includes a respect for Hawaii's history, of our hospitality industry as well as nurturing innovation and creativity in a business that is constantly changing.

We chose our company uniform shirt incorporated with koa leaves (seafoam) and the koa tree trunk (brown) to reflect this vision of Chrysalis.

Why Chrysalis Events Hawaii as YOUR Destination Management Company (DMC Hawaii) ?

Keep Informed

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Your “local maestro” providing you with:

• Infusing Hawaii's culture into your program
• Airport arrival and departure experience
• Transportation and logistics

• Energetic and tranquil activities with a Chrysalis twist
• Innovative team building and community service
• Creative entertainment and event production 
• Island venues and enhancements
• Restaurant and dining culinary experiences
• Entertainment and event production services
• Island amenity, specialty gifts and concepts

Why Us?

  • We create a partnership with you!
  • We understand that you are the reason we exist.
  • Chrysalis Events Hawaii is loyal to our customers.
  • We provide a fresh outlook and an innovative approach to destination management program planning.
  • We involve 'sales' and 'operations' in all stages of program planning and execution in order to deliver success and positively impact participants long after they have returned home.
  • You require results - Chrysalis delivers!

With a combined 100+ years of experience in destination management and hotels, along with our deep roots in Hawaii, we provide passion, commitment, and a high level of service that you expect for your clients.